Day 1

4 July

elementary school of Merza

mnozil brass concert

Mnozil Brass

Lovers of a sparkling brass ensemble shouldn’t let this show pass unnoticed. This talented band of seven has been at the top for years. With their new show this ensemble from Austria again is going in all directions. Mnozil Brass goes in-depth and suprises with humour, cabaret, comedy and of course with their extraordinary virtuosity. With over 120 concerts annually in the most beautiful venues in the world, it is now Merza’s turn!

Day 2

5 July

elementary school of merza

abraham cupeiro pangea concierto

Pangea: Abraham Cupeiro + Wind Band ”Artística de Merza”

Benefic Concert

Abraham Cupeiro and his new and astonishing work: Pangea. A concert without precedents, a hymn to cultural diversity and a soundscape of our planet. Pangea is an enjoyable and didactic show, which together with Banda Artística de Merza (founded in 1828, therefore the oldest and one of the most prestigious in Galicia) mixes music, images, ancient instruments, culture and history.                                                                                                         

A hymn to cultural diversity of our planet.

Benefic concer in collaboration with MUA.

Day 3

6 July


Royal Concertgebouw Brass Quintet concert

Royal Concertgebouw Brass Quintet

Together the trumpets, horns, trombones and tuba form the Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO). They have been performing officially together as an ensemble since 2003. The aim of the Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is to demonstrate through concerts and masterclasses the versatile repertoire for brass instruments in various combinations. These formations can vary from a quartet to a large ensemble of 20 players, sometimes complemented by percussion. 

Day 4

7 july

elementary school of Merza

artista del gremio concierto

Artistas del Gremio

Artistas del Gremio is a charanga, fanfare or brass band characterized by a genuine style based on the interaction with the audience, the energy and next day’s muscle stiffs.

What have we done?  

We have had the good fortune to participate in many festivals at national and international level, we have also been finalists in the TV show Tú sí que vales (Spanish version of Got Talent) and we also recorded the soundtrack for the Spanish movie Que se mueran los feos in 2010.
But… why don’t you know us a bit better?


Day 5

8 july

elementary school of merza

Balkan Paradise Orchestra bpo concert

Galaico Brass Ensemble & soloists teachers

Galaico Brass Ensemble is made up of several musicians belonging to the almost bicentennial Banda Artística de Merza and on the other hand, teachers and collaborators of the GBF. GThis ensemble aims to offer a concert where the titular teachers of the GBF participate as active soloists playing different pieces of the large brass repertoire, or participating as composers, reaching this way a week of unique experiences. As soloist we will hear Estefanía Beceiro, Richard Alonso Díaz, Marcos García Vaquero and Ricardo Mollá Albero.

Day 6

9 july

elementary school of merza

Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio

Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio

Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio is an ambitious project, result of a collaboration between the virtuosic Bulgarian trumpet player Miroslav Petkov (Principal Trumpet of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) and the Bodurov Trio.

Bodurov Trio is a modern, dynamic jazz group formed by Jens Dueppe (Drums), Mihail Ivanov (Bass) and founded by the brilliant Amsterdam based pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov.

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