Day 1

10 July

elementary school of Merza

mnozil brass concert

Quintette de Cuivres Turbulences

This group was created in 1998 by five French musicians who decided to combine their musical talents in the formation of a metal quintet. Winner of the Narbonne international competitions in 2000 and Guebwiller in 2001, the Quintet de Cuivres Turbulences has since become a benchmark in the music scene. The metal quintet consists of trumpeters David Guerrier, international soloist, and Guillaume Jehl, soloist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Antoine Dreyfuss, horn soloist of the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France, Antoine Ganaye, trombone soloist of the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France, and Fabien Wallerand, tuba soloist of the Orchester de l’Opéra national de Paris.

Day 2

11 July

elementary school of merza

abraham cupeiro pangea concierto

Adam Rapa

Adam Rapa is a performer, composer, producer and educator. He is a versatile musician who expresses himself both in the field of jazz, funk, pop, as well as in classical or contemporary music. Adam Rapa performs concerts around the world, often as a soloist or accompanied by a jazz band. On this occasion, Adam Rapa will be accompanied by an unprecedented and new band that will premiere at the Galaico Brass Festival.

Day 3

12 July

Merza´s Elementary School

balkan paradise orchestra concert

Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Made of eleven wind and percussion players, the BPO (also known with this name) has brought cheerful and fresh air to the fanfare panorama of our country. With different studies, experiences and influences, but inevitably connected with the Balkan tradition of wind orchestras, these eleven women transform this musical genre to an authentic elixir of traditional western Europe melodies with rhythms of the entire world. They offer a show that always bringing joy, party and desire of dancing in every corner of the world. 

Day 4

13 july

elementary school of Merza

Balkan Paradise Orchestra bpo concert

Galaico Brass Ensemble & soloists teachers

Galaico Brass Ensemble is made up of several musicians belonging to the almost bicentennial Banda Artística de Merza and on the other hand, teachers and collaborators of the GBF. GThis ensemble aims to offer a concert where the titular teachers of the GBF participate as active soloists playing different pieces of the large brass repertoire, or participating as composers, reaching this way a week of unique experiences. As soloist we will hear Anaís Romero, José Martínez, Manuel Davila and Ricardo Mollá Albero.

Day 5


Day 6

15 july

elementary school of merza

Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio

Mnozil Brass

Lovers of a sparkling brass ensemble shouldn’t let this show pass unnoticed. This talented band of seven has been at the top for years. With their new show, PHOENIX, this ensemble from Austria again is going in all directions. Mnozil Brass goes in-depth and suprises with humour, cabaret, comedy and of course with their extraordinary virtuosity. With over 120 concerts annually in the most beautiful venues in the world, it is now Merza’s turn!

elementary school of merza

Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio

Los Pitutos

Los Pitutos is a Chilean-Colombian band, founded in Berlin in 2015, which specialises in adaptations of cumbias, Boleros and other musical Rythms from latinamerica in their compositions influenced by musical movements from the 60 and 70s in North America such as funk, Soul, Boogaloo among others, leading to a unique mixture which captivates its audience and brings it to Latin America on a one way ticket. Founded by classically trained young Chilean and Colombian musicians, who all came to Germany to study and to work, Los Pitutos manages to resurrect a bygone world, a world full of longing, warm Latin – American nights and charm of the slower century.

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