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Merza, 4th-9th JULY

Galaico Brass Festival

Galaico Brass Festival (GBF) will feature more than 100 students, both active participants and listeners. For 5 days you will receive lessons from the best brass musicians from around the world. There will be concerts around the clock filled with over 3,000 people This is a festival where an eclectic array of musical styles will be available to be enjoyed. You will have the chance to see theatre and classical music combined, late night jazz sessions and also your traditional classical concert.

All of this set in and around the picturesque landscapes of Villa de Cruces making GBF a unique rural musical experience.

Music festival


mnozil brass concierto españa

Mnozil Brass

4th July 2021 – 21:00
Royal Concertgebouw Brass Quintet concierto españa

Royal Concertgebouw Brass Quintet

6th July 2021 – 21:00
Artistas del Gremio concierto

Artistas del Gremio

7th of July 2021 – 21:00

Galaico Brass Ensemble + soloist teachers

8th of July 2021 – 21:00
Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio concert

Miroslav Petkov Project & Bodurov Trio

9th of July 2021 – 22:30



Trompeta de Mnozil Brass trumpet class

Thomas Gansch

Mnozil Brass
Marcos García Vaquero clase trompeta

Marcos García

Madrid Symphony Orchestra
Miroslav Petkov trumpet class

Miroslav Petkov

Omar Tomasoni trumpet class

Omar Tomasoni

Roman Rindberger trumpet class

Roman Rindberger

Mnozil Brass
Robert Rother trumpet class

Robert Rother

Mnozil Brass
Estefanía Beceiro clase trompa

Estefanía Beceiro Vázquez

Bilbao Symphony Orchestra
Rodrigo Ortiz clase Sección Orquestal

Rodrigo Ortiz Serrano

Neue Philharmonie Westfalen
Katy Woolley horn class

Laurens Woudenberg

Adrián Castro clase deporte y musica

Adrián Castro Capuz

Antwerpen Sinfonieorchester
Bart Claessens trombone class

Bart Claessens

Gerhard  Füßl trombone class

Gerhard Füßl

Mnozil Brass
Miguel García Casas clase emprendimiento musical

Miguel García Casas

Frankfurter Oper Museumsorchester
Zoltan Kiss trombone class

Zoltan Kiss

Mnozil Brass
Ricardo Mollá Albero clase trombon

Ricardo Mollá Albero

Trombone internacional soloist
Leonhard Paul trombone class

Leonhard Paul

Mnozil Brass
Javier Castaño Medina clase tuba bombardino

Richard Alonso Díaz

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
Perry Hoogendijk tuba class

Perry Hoogendijk

Jonatan Sevilla clase Música de Cámara

Jonatan Sevilla Requena

CIEM Federico Moreno Torroba

Music Festival

Come and experience theatre and classical music combined, late night jazz sessions and also traditional classical concerts.

entrada galaico brass festival

Pedagogical Courses

The pedagogical courses are will be available to more than 100 students, both active participants and listeners.  You will be receiving lessons for 5 days from the best brass musicians in the world.

cursos galaico brass festival