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Galaico Brass Festival

Galaico Brass Festival is a new event in the Galician cultural scene. Music and nature meet each other in Merza in order to create an experience like no other. 



“You have to make a detour in Bandeira, on the road from Santiago to Ourense, enter through the regional road and cross almost feeling your way along, among the low clouds that stretch over the river Deza. Then a small Eden emerges, a valley where orange and lemon trees grow, woven by vines and bordered by the imperial bearing of the Indian palms. But there, in the valley of Merza, the most pampered crop, the ancestral tree, is music”

Manuel Rivas (El Semanal, El Pais 28 X 1984)

The interdisciplinary nature of this ambitious festival would not make sense without this area‘s century-old link to music. This rural area offers fantastic access, idyllic sprawling space, and a secure, safety conscious environment for all the participants and attendees of this project. This is an ideal location for programming an event of this size and ambition. Merza, with their facilities and rigorous approach to safety, is an outstanding venue for concerts and music lessons:

Concert hall “Valero – Guzmán”

Recreative Area “A Carixa”

Music´s Park

Merza´s Elementary School

Pena de Roca

Pazo dos Montouto

Banda Artística de Merza

Merza is a rural village in Galicia where century old traditions takes place. The Banda Artística de Merza (the oldest band in the Galician Community) is at the forefront of this tradition being founded in 1828.

How to get there


Merza is just a 30 minute drive away from the airport in Santiago de Compostela.


Check itineraries to get to Merza by bus.

Tourist Information

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